IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - Updated Conditions of Sale and Guidance To Purchasers

Further to the announcement made by Tattersalls and Goffs on Monday, 3 August regarding the introduction of new restrictions relating to the use of corticosteroids and clenbuterol, Tattersalls can now confirm the updated Conditions of Sale ahead of the 2020 Ascot Yearling Sale and draw purchasers attention to the following changes:

Revised Condition of Sale 25. Drugs – Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatories; Corticosteroids; Clenbuterol

Revised Condition of Sale 26. Piroplasmosis

Revised Guidance To Purchasers section 13 & 14

The new Conditions of Sale will allow buyers to have post-sale testing for Corticosteroids and Clenbuterol, with a positive test for undeclared use of corticosteroids, or any trace of clenbuterol (whether or not declared) resulting in the subject horse being returnable to the vendor at the option of the purchaser under the Conditions of Sale.

A copy of the updated Conditions of Sale and Guidance To Purchasers can be found on the Tattersalls Ascot website under the Vendor subsection of the Info tab. 


Matthew Prior 

01638 665931